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Camp Bling

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The F5 road scheme would have covered the burial site of a Saxon King with Tarmac and destroyed over 100 trees. Camp Bling was established to oppose this mad scheme and was dismantled in the Summer of 2009 after the F5 scheme was cancelled.

The Camp became well established: We had a dry and warm communal area with a snug 'custom built' sleeping space for visitors, food, compost toilets, and lovely people!

Camp Bling

Pagans were involved, and several lived on site. [Adrian writes] I built my own beautiful 'bender' to see me through the winter of 2005.

Adrian's Bender

Adrian's bender home

Home sweet home: inside Adrian's bender

Our 'Visitors Centre' had replicas of the Kings treasure, information on the road plans, past campaigns and about the low-impact, sustainable living we practiced at the Camp.

Getting there

The site was at Priory Crescent (A1159), Southend-on-Sea, Essex.


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