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The 5th World Trade Organisation (WTO) Ministerial in Cancun (Mexico) started on the 10th September 2003, and many Pagans were there preparing protests against the WTO & GM products.

Many of them worked with the Dragon Tree Rune, and we offered this ritual (envisioned by Daimon Hellstrom) for anyone who wanted to provide magical support.

The Place:
Ideally, on a mountaintop, facing west. Otherwise, wherever you are.

The Time:
Some time between September 10th and 14th. You'll be working with with magicians across the globe, all with the same goal in mind. The Rune:
The Dragon Tree Rune, (right), an amalgamation of Laguz, Fehu, Tiwaz, Kaunaz, Algiz, and Isa.

Dragon Tree Rune

The Body:
The legs are spread, feet planted firmly on the ground. Arms raised towards the heavens. Visualize extra limbs sprouting from your torso, so that you BECOME the Tree Rune, receiving "colour" (energy, inspiration, chaos, creativity... call it as you like) and sending it back (only magnified) to other people and all over the world.

The Grounding:
The magician partakes of Gaia's protection, through the feet, and through the lower branches of the rune.

The Projection:
The magician projects her/his Will, Creativity, and Inspiration through their right arm(s) and through the right branches of the rune.

The Reception:
The magician receives others' Will, Creativity, and Inspiration through their left arm(s), through the left branches of the rune.

Become the Rune
Image created by
Anu Maatii

The Mantra:
...it's vibrations felt on a subliminal level around the globe.

The Integration:
Through this rite, the magician is connected to the others doing the same, a network, a web of magick. Each node receives the energy being projected by others, strengthens the energy through his/her will, and projects the energy through the atmosphere.

The Target:
Through the atmosphere, centering on Cancun, yet touching everyone and every place in it's path.

More about the WTO:

The Bush Administration saw this as an opportunity to implement legally binding agreements forcing governments to eliminate barriers to Genetically Modified (GM) products and promote the industrial agriculture model. They were expected to launch a challenge against the European Union's 5 year moratorium on GM products.