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The Freedom Network grew out of the campaign against the Criminal Justice Act, 2003. They co-ordinated actions across the U.K. in protest against the Act, which criminalized peaceful protest & gatherings.

Dragon worked with The Freedom Network on various projects and campaigns, helping to highlight the importance of the new law to the pagan community.

This photograph was taken on the day the Criminal Justice Bill became an Act. That morning hundreds of protesters invaded the site of the M11 link road. The Act became law at noon, so our action was legal in the morning & illegal in the afternoon.

No Justice...

I love this guys banner. For me it sums up on of the key principles of the D.I.Y. culture: The only way we will find justice in this society is to make it happen ourselves. If you think D.I.Y. culture has something to do with putting up shelves at the weekend, see George McKays review of Gathering Force, which gives a fair overview.

Photos and text by Adrian Harris