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Several Dragons are fighting the GMO threat. Many have pledged to take non-violent action to prevent genetic pollution and its damage to life and livelihoods. Watch this space!

Background history:

Dragon worked with the 'T in the Field' GM crop trial protest in Newport on Tay on 8th June 2002.

March 31 2004

"Biotech firm Bayer has shelved plans to commercialise its GM maize, Chardon LL, because the Government wants to impose conditions on its cultivation in order to protect the environment. Bayer said this would make Chardon LL "economically unviable".

Chardon LL, was given limited Government approval earlier this month. Its withdrawal means that GM crops are unlikely to be grown in the UK until 2008 at the earliest."

From: Friends of the Earth

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Performance of BT Cotton in India: Data from the first commercial crop. Sahai, S.; Rahman. S., Gene Campaign.
This paper presents data on the field study of the first genetically modified crop to be cultivated in India. Bt cotton was studied in selected locations in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, which are two of the six Indian states that have been granted permission to commercially cultivate Bt cotton.

The main conclusion reveals that the performance of Bt cotton in the areas studied in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh, has been poor and the farmers have had to suffer losses. 98% of the farming families surveyed said they were not interested in growing Bt cotton again.
--> www.genecampaign.org/btcotton.html


Friends of the Earth (FoE) respond to the latest news and to provide news updates about GM foods

Ground Up is the A SEED Europe Genetic Engineering website. Masses of information and resources on stopping GM.

Eco-Magic on GMOs

Just do it! And let us know what you're doing. Any ideas, suggestions or reports on work you have done will be posted here.

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