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NOTE: This message from Jani Farrell-Roberts was posted in 2003:

In June the Planning Permission expires and Lyminge Forest in Kent is officially saved from the developers! Several people are still guarding her, living in the forest and they have asked for the witches to return.

Lyminge Forest campaign are holding a "thank you" witchcamp celebration there on the weekend from the New Moon, 20th July until the 22nd - and then for as long as anyone wants to stay...

It is a donations only camp - so lack of money is no reason not to come. It will be a thank you to the forest for all she taught us. A thank you for those that have since died but put their energy into this protest.

We will be doing workshops, magic and ritual deep under beech trees in a very quiet area of the woods. We will be looking to the future. We will be asking for guidance as to where our spirits are to travel next, as well as celebrating with the trees. It does not matter if you were not there when the tunnels were dug and fortresses built, when we chanted to the dragon, "Come Dragon, Come Dragon, Come, We your daughters, we your sons". S/he came - now come and celebrate with us and with her.

The witchcamp (except for any private rites) is open to seekers, initiates - to those who see nature as sacred - but I expect nearly all there will be there by invitation such as the members of dragon of course.

There will be special workshops on the history of the Craft (including looking at those who did not call themselves witches but were guardians of places in a very old way) and on its relationship (or not) to shamanism. We will particularly look at eco-magic.

I will be talking about how Aboriginal magic is linked to the land, how our magic must be linked - and the need to put energy back into the land. Also will present new research - and we will turn it all into a celebration with old and new rituals.

Jani Farrell-Roberts, Leonid, Bristol Marina, Hanover Place, Bristol BS1 6TZ, England, UK.

You are welcome at her large website on http://www.macha.free-online.co.uk where there is magic, gender, forest, Aborigines, vaccines and much more.

Jani Farrell-Roberts e-mail:jani@macha.f9.net.co.uk

Lyminge Forest Campaign