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Past Campaigns: M11 Link Road

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The M11 Link Road Campaign was the 'training ground' in Non-Violent Direct Action (N.V.D.A.) for many London Dragons. We had spent some time at Twyford, but the M11 was close enough to home for us to get there quite regularly, & this was our real initiation into this style of protest.

Dragon was involved with direct action and eco-magic at the M11 protest. We led a Samhain ritual at Wanstonia, the front line at the time, which was especially memorable!

Samhain ritual at Wanstonia

The Battle of George Green, when hundreds of police & bailiffs descended on the defenders of the magnificent tree which stood there, was a 'baptism by fire' for many. It was the first big confrontation of the campaign, & one of the most violent. Neither the bailiffs nor the police seemed to know how to handle the situation, & the result was predicable aggression. Later evictions seemed to me to be less violent, but that may have been my good fortune combined with greater cunning from the authorities, for stories abound of protesters who were out of sight being bullied & beaten.

Claremont Road; the largest eviction since World War Two


Photo above and text by Adrian Harris