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Recent News

The quarry has been declared as dormant rather than active, but due to the loop-hole in the law (whereby the land was sold over 50 years
ago, before the national park was established), the quarry company still
has legal permission to extract minerals and stone. Also a disused quarry
500 meters (approx) north west from the stone circle (near the sheep's
water troff if you know the area) has been declared active which is very
bad news especially as no defenses have been set up there.

Nine Ladies Background

On 12 December 2003, the quarry company Stancliffe Stone submitted a scheme to the Peak District National Park Authority or working the quarries at Endcliffe and Lees Cross. They want to extract 3.2 million tons of rock from a 12.95 hectare site within 100m of the Nine Ladies Stone Circle.

The resultant scar will be 100m deep, devastating the environment of this treasured site for ever. The quarry company have issued a statement in the local paper saying that they are going to begin the eviction process.

If you want to be on the phone tree (to be informed when eviction starts), please get in touch via the site mobile number: 0700 5942212

Sheffield Dragon reported:

There is a proposed quarry based at Stanton Moor in the Peak District that threatens the Nine ladies Stone Circle. (Application NP/DDD/0299/082).

The plan is to re-open two dormant quarries (Endcliffe and Lees Cross). They would cover about 30 acres and have a huge impact on the hillside. The plans are to quarry for the next 40 years.

We had a visit out there on 22nd/23rd April and some people have been out since. If anyone else is interested in getting out there soon or for the time of eviction let me know and I can provide details of how to get there by bus / car / foot. Everyone has something they can offer!!! It may be food, clothing, blankets, camping tat, rope, or a physical hand with building. Remember...Once the place has gone it has gone forever! One of the things I heard is that the stone to be quarried will be for the U.S. as their planning laws are much stricter.

Sarah Smith (Sheffield Dragon Contact)

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