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Past Campaigns: Oxleas Wood

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The campaign to save Oxleas Wood was where Dragon turned from an idea into a reality. Here was a local campaign which had been fought long and hard, but still seemed hopeless. At first we kept our Spiritual and magical work a secret from the campaigners who had been fighting for years to save the wood, but once we had earned their respect through good practical campaign work, we became more open.

Very little has been written about the magical work we did for Oxleas; perhaps the details are best left unspoken. But somehow, through a combination of hard work, intelligent campaigning and a bit of an eco-magical spin, we won. You may never have heard of Oxleas Wood; there are no dramatic pictures or tales of daring. But the Wood stands today as a beautiful as ever. Long may it stay so.

ALARM UK has more background.

There has been concern over the last few years that a new river crossing might threaten Oxleas again.

The Minutes of the London Assembly on 19 June 2002, Ken Livingstone said:

"I've made clear in all my meetings with ministers - there is no question of the road scheme being taken further south anywhere near Oxleas Wood. ... I will do everything possible to make it almost impossible for someone ever to actually build down to Oxleas Wood."