The Dragon Council of All Beings

A typical Council of All Beings has three main strands: Mourning, Remembering and the Council itself.


Our pain for the world includes not only grief, but fear, anger, and despair. To deny these feelings makes us numb to the very emotions that reveal our connectedness. The ritual leads us to explore our feelings, releasing their hidden power.

'Only if one loves this earth with unbending passion can one release one's sadness'.

Don Juan in Carlos Castaneda's 'Tales of Power'.


Every atom of our bodies has belonged to many ancient lives: The human form we now wear is just the latest fashion on a long evolutionary journey, and through deep evolutionary remembering we can consciously own that ancient kinship.


The Council itself gives voice to the unheard beings that weave the web of life. We begin by allowing ourselves to be chosen by another - an animal, plant, swamp or mountain. Each person then makes a simple mask to help bond with whoever has come to him or her.

The assembly itself takes place in a sacred circle:

"We meet in council because our planet is in trouble; our lives and our ancient ways are endangered. It is fitting that we confer, for there is much now that needs to be said and much that needs to be heard."

To begin, the beings share their concerns with each other. The Council then invites humans into the circle to witness these testimonies and to offer them wisdom to help in the work of reconnection.

We all feel a need to open the Council again and again, perhaps with new people and different beings: Several beings were sad and angry, and by re-connecting regularly we can move through pain to creative dialogue. A question and answer session was suggested for next time to structure it our interaction and learn how to move forward.

If you would like to be kept informed of future Councils, please contact us.

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