The Words of the Council:
A report from the person who carried Soil

"The name 'Soil' isn't quite the right word for the being I carried; it's the whole ecosystem in the earth directly below us. It includes earth, stones, worms, fungus, bacteria and burrowing creatures of all kinds.

When it first 'made contact' I couldn't make sense of it because it's so diverse. I expected an animal, but this is something else!

My understanding and relationship with it built up over several journey sessions, but it was still very uncomfortable for the spirit to sit in a human body. It was scooping up earth and pouring it over my body during most of the Council, as if it wanted to get back into it.

I feel part of the impression of anger that comes across in the Council is partly because it felt so uncomfortable.

It's significant that I've worked with the spirit of Compost before, so I think that's why 'Soil' came through. I and/or Soil noted that in English the word 'soil' means both 'earth' and 'dirt'."

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