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Eco-magic Course


This course was run over several days in London. For those interested in what we covered and how, here is the course outline with links to handouts.

Session 1: Introduction to Dragon Eco-magic - Our basic principles.
Core skills: meditation, grounding, protection, listening skills - developing intuition.
Session 1 Course Notes

Session 2: Elements and Elementals.
Session 2 Course Notes

Session 3: Working with the Dragon Rune. Introduction to divination techniques.
Session 3 Course Notes

Session 4: Working with Nature Spirits and Deities. With David Rankine.
See David's article:
Make Your Voice Heard As You Tread Gently On Our Mother Earth

Session 5: Spell work. Principles, using images and symbolism. Talismans.
Course Notes: Spell work. Talismans and Sigils. We created the Letter Writing Ritual during this course.

Session 6: Ritual work. Casting a circle, inviting, raising energy and closing.
Session 6 Course Notes

I do not plan to run this course again in the future but offer these pages as an online version.

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