Eco-magic Course:


Sensing energy

Bring your hands together as if you were going to clap them, but very slowly. At a certain point you should feel a subtle resistance. It feels like the slight resistance you sense when bringing two magnets together. This is your aura. Don't be discouraged if you don't feel it at first - Take a deep breath and try it again.

Feel confident about this before going on to the next step.

Once you feel comfortable and can recognise what this feels like, try visualizing or feeling more energy coming out of your hands to push them further apart. Then try shrinking it by drawing that energy back into your hands. You will probably find that one hand is better at "pulling" energy and the other better at "pushing".

Now practice the pulling with one hand and pushing with the other. Imagine an energy circuit flowing out one hand into the other, letting it go down to your solar plexus, and out again through your hand, make the circuit many times, until you feel you have mastered it.