Eco-magic Course:
Elements and Elementals


Session 2 - Outline

Introductions (10 mins)

Round of names. Salt water. Meditation

Introduction to Elements and Elementals (20 mins)

  • What's the difference?
  • Working with the Elements
  • Working with Primary Elementals
  • Working with other Elementals

Feedback and questions (10 mins)

Set Up Element Altars (10 mins)

Just go to whichever. Create Elemental altar together.

Elemental Journey (15 mins)

No right or wrong way to do this! Flow. Relax. Trust.

Breath. Hole in centre of room. Descend. Staircase lit from within. Descend.

Emerge in mountains. Feel wind on skin, hear wind, bird calls, see clouds, birds? Breathe in - taste and smell clear, pure air. Listen. Can hear? Can sense? Being? What say to you?

Turn into bird - Eagle, dove, raven, magpie, whatever. Swoop down.

Volcano below. Down. Stand near lava flow. Feel heat on skin, hear crackle, see flames dance, red heat of lava. Orange, red, what else? Breathe in - taste and smell. Sulphur, ash? Heat in lungs. Not burn you. Listen. Can hear? Can sense? Being? What say to you?

Turn into flame and dance on lava. Down...Follow the lava flow into sea. Quenched. Steam. Cool. Wet. Become fish. Swim. Feel wet on skin, hear bubble and rush of surf, and see water - what colour? See fish, seaweed. Can't breath in, but taste water - salt or fresh? Swim to shore. Sit in waves on the shore. Listen. Can hear? Can sense? Being? What say to you?

Stand. Turn. Mountain. Walk. Feel firm earth. Hear crunch of sand, earth, rock or pebbles. Cave. Big rock. Sit with rock in entrance or go into cave. See? Rock or dark cave. Feel rock. Hard. Smooth? Rough? Warm or cold? Touch with tongue. Salt? Bitter? What taste or rock? Listen. Can hear? Can sense? Being? What say to you? What say to you?

See an opening in rock wall. Walk to it. Enter. Spiral stairs up. Up. Up. Light. Room again.

Come back to self in own time. Say name three times. Pat yourself.

All back? Check.

Pairs to discuss (10 mins).

Which easiest/more in tune with? Hardest/least in tune with?

BREAK (10 mins) (1 H 20m at end)

Drawing (20 mins)

Which easiest/more in tune with? Draw it. (10 mins).

Pairs to discuss (10 mins).

The Circle of Elements (20 mins)

Start with the Element more in tune with. Sit or stand in that quarter. Smell, taste, look, feel that Element.

Move to next clockwise. Repeat. (8 mins)

Again, but standing, crawling, moving. Move to each Element. Dance with the Elementals. Move on to next when you like or stay with one. Use whole space. (12 mins).

Elemental strawberries (20 mins)

Recap strawberries (positive triggers). Write your strawberries for Air/Fire/Water/Earth. Don't get hung up on correspondences.

Feel Air/Fire/Water/Earth strawberries.

Pairs to discuss (10 mins).

Bringing it together (20 mins)

Stand in circle.

Air - East. Feel Air strawberries. Breath. Whistle. Visualise Air. Sense Air.

Fire - South. Feel Fire strawberries. Clap. Dance. Visualise Fire. Sense Fire.

Water - West. Feel Water strawberries. Flow. Sway. Waves sound. Water drops. Visualise Water. Sense Water.

Earth - North. Feel Earth strawberries. Stamp. Drum ground. Visualise Earth. Sense Earth.

Feedback and questions (5 mins)

Closing (10 mins)

Reading and exercises for this month: Read handouts. Practice honouring Elements.

Close with singing bowl.