Eco-magic Course:
Session 3


Part 1: Working with the Dragon Rune
Part 2: Introduction to divination techniques

Introductions (10 mins)

Round of names. Salt water.

Part 1: Working with the Dragon Rune

Introduction - What it is (5 mins)

Runes, Bindrunes and the Dragon Bindune. World Tree.

Laguz, Fehu, Tiwaz, Kaunaz, Elhwaz and Isa.

Practical Uses (15 mins)

  • Psychic Battery
  • Talisman - wooden, carved, drawn, face paint, graffiti, draw it on letters/leaflets/envelopes
  • Chalk stones
  • Ritual
  • Meditation
  • Movement
  • Chant - 'LA' (Laguz), 'FEY' (Fehu), 'TAY' (Teiwaz), 'KAY' (Kenaz), 'EE' (Isa), 'ZZZ' (Algiz). The last 2 runes combined as similar sound.

Feedback and questions (5 mins)

(35 mins to here)

Part 2: Introduction to divination techniques

Overview (10 mins)

Techniques people can apply to specific ecological/campaign situations - Do we march on this day? Is the campaign appropriate? Will this campaign method be successful? People used astrology, runes, tarot, scrying and shamanic in past.

Not fatalistic. Judging the tide.

Many: Tarot, Runes, I Ching, palm-reading; necromancy, communing with dead souls; pyromancy; crystal-gazing; ornithomancy, interpretation of the flights and cries of birds.

How does it work?

Unconscious Mind

  • controlling the motions of the diviner's hands
  • repository of immense wisdom
  • closer to each other

Jung - "an acausal connecting principle" - there are no accidents

Spirits of Wisdom
Manipulated by spirits.


  • Psychological: Can become obsessive.
  • Magical: Simple protective spell to keep out malign and encourage benign - even if psychological.
  • Tricky to read for yourself or someone you know well
  • People don't always hear what you tell them!

Introductions to key techniques (by several people- 40 mins)

  • Tarot
  • The Gateway method
  • Runes - Adrians notes
  • Astrology - Dragon chart

BREAK (10 mins - 1 H 40 at end). All to decide which group to join

Small Group Work (40 mins)

2 or 3 smaller groups each look at one technique in more detail. Practical intent - What should the Rune Ritual be focused on?

Feedback and questions (5 mins)

Dragon Rune Ritual (30 mins)

  1. Planning based on group feedback
  2. Recap on Dragon Rune
  3. Ritual
  4. Feedback

This ritual is now available in the Rituals section of Magic.

Closing (5 mins)
Reading and exercises for this month: Read handouts. Work with Dragon Rune. Try divination.

Close with singing bowl.


Theory of Divination by Tim Maroney:
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A Glossary Of Divination:


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