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The Basic Dragon Ritual

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The basis of many Dragon rituals is a simple structure we have developed to be clear, intuitive and easy to understand for those new to ritual. It is ideal for public ritual but is powerful enough to be useful for any ecomagic. This ritual needs no leader, and we rarely have anyone acting as 'High Priest/ess'. Everyone is equal in this circle and everyone is involved. We have been using this ritual structure for nearly 10 years, so it has the accumulated power of repetition.


Before starting carefully explain exactly what is going to happen and why. Those who are new to ritual will feel more comfortable, and those more experienced will be clearer about the process.


You can start with a simple breathing meditation, but the moving meditation (details available shortly), based on the Dragon Rune is excellent to ground and focus the group.

Opening the Circle:

Choose an object with some magical, emotional or psychological charge that is suitable to be passed round the circle. We have used a Dragon Rune talisman (easy to make, or see Tools to buy one), a piece of chalk from Twyford Down, and a wand made from a yew tree that once grew on the route of the M11. But remember the power of simplicity; any twig or stone is sacred and will be ideal.

Pass the object sunwise (clockwise) round to circle from one person to the next. As the object comes to you visualize a cord of light passing with it round the circle. Some people may want to hold the object for a little while: Be patient, as this is a good indication that the circle will be strong and focused.

Once the object has completed the circuit of the group, the circle is cast.

Inviting the elements:

Everyone turns to the direction you have agreed to invite first. Some people call North first, others East, but follow your intuition. The attributions of the elements to compass points is also to be decided by the group. Most people use the attributes given below, but this is by no means fixed.

Invite the element of Air (East) by whistling. There are old stories of witches whistling up the wind, and sailors never whistle on board for fear of calling a storm.

Invite the element of Fire (South) by clapping sharply and out of rhythm, like the cracking of a wood fire. Dance about and whoop loudly if you feel like it. Fire is pure energy and like attracts like.

Invite the element of Water (West) by making the sound of waves or of dripping water. If you sway slowly as if you were at sea it helps too.

Invite the element of Earth (North) by drumming on the ground with your hands or stamping with your feet. Getting down on your knees & slapping the earth with your hands is great to connect with the element.

Invite the Spirits of the Place and the Fair Folk. Now the circle is cast and the energies invited, the space and the group are ready for the working.

Raising Power:

You could use the Dragon Rune as a tool to raise energy for your working. Draw the rune on the ground and circle round it with a simple chant (the are some examples in Tools). The Dragon Rune chant is very effective, but best for groups more familiar with magic.

Raising energy is a complex subject, and it's better to just do it than read more elaboration's! Basically, use movement, sound and symbol to weave your magic. Follow your intuition, and trust yourself.

See other rituals and Techniques for more ideas.

Closing the Circle:

This is just the reverse of the process of casting the circle. Turn to each element in turn, and bid them Thanks and Farewell just as you welcomed them into the circle. Your intent will be different, and you will find the sounds will tail off as you finish each quarter.

Unwind the circle in the opposite direction that you cast it, passing the object anti-clockwise.

Finish with a cheer an hug! Take time after the ritual to properly ground yourselves. This especially important if you are working with inexperienced people. Sharing food and listening to how people felt about the ritual is very valuable.

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