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Being the Dragon Rune

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This ritual was created by those on the Eco-Magic course in May 2003. Three sub-groups used different divination techniques to decide what the ritual should be for. Several themes emerged:

  • Not doing anything too ambitious
  • Focus on strengthening the group energy
  • Giving our magical energy to woodland

We wove the following ritual from our discussions. There was already a May Pole in the center of the space, which became a symbol of the woodlands.

The Ritual

We began with the usual circle casting and invitations (see Basic Ritual). The 15 people involved then formed into the shape of the Dragon Tree Rune, with the top of the rune in the East and the root in the West. we held out our arms to connect with each other and form the symbol.

Then we all chanted the rune to raise power and visualized ourselves as the Rune - "La-Fay-Tae-Kay IsZzz".

When the moment felt right, we sent out the energy to the woodlands, and came back to form a circle. We then hummed together to help bond us, before bringing the circle together to touch the May Pole, ground any residual energy.

We opened the circle with a few rousing choruses of "Thank-you to the Air and the Fire and the Water, thank-you to the Earth and the Spirit that's within - Hey!"

For those unfamiliar with this closing, it's a very ancient and sacred method used when the energy of the Circle is particularly powerful!


The general feeling was that the ritual was great fun and people felt quite a lot of power from 'being' the Dragon Tree Rune. We practiced getting everyone into the right shape beforehand, which is pretty essential! 15 was a good number - It might be hard with less than about 12, but more would be fine.

The person at the root of the Rune felt a lot of energy. I was at the top and focused on keeping the energy flowing down the Rune rather than channeling it out the top. This is something others might experiment with.

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