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Frontline Ritual: Demos and Direct Action

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Front line ecomagick is difficult to do well, but you will only learn by trying. It can be very empowering - both for you & the campaign, (which at some level are the same anyway.)

If you are part of a demonstration or action organised by another group, be sensitive to their agenda. Ask them if there is anything particular you can do. Use your magickal knowledge to help the action. Sense if the energy is getting stagnant or negative. Look out for mis-directed aggression. Use drums, chants, circling, & dancing to keep the energy positive. See Tools for a selection of chants, & e-mail us your favourites.

If you are going to do something very visual, like a ritual, check with whoever is co-ordinating the action. Explain what you plan & why. If this isn't practical, use your intuition & common sense.

Ecomagick & Non-Violent Direct Action (NVDA)

Direct Action means getting physically involved. A peaceful direct action is very empowering. If it is properly planned & well executed it will also be fun & effective. NVDA is good for publicity & can gain public support. It can be a bit scary the first time, but that's true of anything unknown. If you need to do some NVDA find someone with experience to guide you.

Before an action perform a short ritual for preparation, grounding and blessing. After the action do a short ritual of thanks, blessing, closure. The ritual should be to empower you, to connect with the Sacred Earth we work to protect.

Using the Dragon Rune

Visualise it during the action, draw it on anything: Use face & body paints. Carry a piece of chalk.(But be aware that marking private property, e.g. a bulldozer, could constitute 'Criminal Damage'. Hey, just letting you know...) Form a Magick Circle or ring of Protection. This can be done before or during an action.

With care...

Be very careful with anything remotely like a curse. This is a very contentious area, but my experience has taught me caution. I once 'cursed' a large crane which was going to be used to remove tree-sitting protesters. I focused on the machine, willing it to break-down, rust or just stop. It got stuck in the mud, & a security guard was badly injured whilst trying to free it.

Non-Violent Direct Action includes magickal action, & non-violence is central to ecomagick.

NVDA Ground Rules

  1. No violence. That includes verbal aggression.
  2. If you are in trouble, shout 'Camera!' Video/photographers will get to you asap.
  3. If you wear a necklace/scarf etc. put it inside your clothes. You might want to take off earrings etc. but that depends on how heavy you expect things to get.
  4. Don't do anything you aren't happy to do. It is not a test of bravado!
  5. Stay in a group.
  6. Protect the camera people. Security may try to take them first.
  7. Take the phone number of the legal contact for the day.
  8. Take notes of anything you think might help later. Note Police numbers if relevant.
  9. If you see someone being arrested, try to find out who & why. Note the number of the arresting Officer. Try & find out where they are being taken.
  10. Don't do anything unplanned.

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