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Words by Kingsley Evans

An Example of a Group Working for Ideas and Inspiration.

One snowy winter's night, a group of us met up in a bar, and talked about magic and mysticism, and looked for a common ground to work in.

I was particularly keen to get something done that night because I had flu and I wanted to make the most of a form of trance which I rarely experience (fever). Eventually, we agreed on some work to do and went off to Meanwood Valley to a place which had recently been saved by a community campaign and got to work.

The Ritual:
We opened a circle by representing / calling the four elements with physical actions to each corner.

  • For Fire, we clapped our hands and muttered staccato gibberish.
  • For water we swayed and made moaning sighing noises.
  • For air, we whistled.
  • For earth, we stamped, and jumped up and down heavily.

Then I led a pathworking which I had put together and tried out earlier. The pathworking went something like this:

Firstly visualise yourself changing into a tree.
Stand with your arms outstretched like branches, and
imagine your skin hardening and turning into bark, your legs growing deep into the soil and rocks, your leaves gently rustling in the wind. After a while, it begins to rain, gently at first.

The rain grows heavier and heavier, and lightning flashes around in the distance, amidst distant thunder, drawing nearer. The sky boils and churns with colours, The flashes of lightning come closer and closer, and the thunder comes quicker and faster.

Tension builds up as you know that any moment you may be struck. Lightning flashes through you, and you shake and shudder violently.

Energies from the earth rush up in response, lifting you clean of the ground, crackling and glowing with light, you rise higher and higher glowing brighter and brighter. The ground and then the earth fall away beneath you as you rise upwards glowing brighter and brighter.

And you are a star hanging in infinite space, glowing with the light burning within you and radiating outwards tiny points of light glitter around you; an infinite number of unique shades, all clustered in clusters, all reflected in you; making you grow brighter, and brighter as they grow brighter and brighter still.

Further points of light grow visible as the universe reflects itself infinite reflections of infinite reflections, all of them reflected in you, as you and the space around you grow brighter, and brighter, and brighter, and brighter...

At this point we crossed and linked hands, and spun around leaning backwards getting faster and faster. As we did this, heads tilted up to the spinning starlit sky, we chanted something intended to bring inspiration for future eco magic projects.

After a while, we split up, and carried on whirling. I remember being the first to collapse, blissfully exhausted into the snow in a state of 'no mind'.

After a while we closed the circle as we had opened it.

The circle casting method was distributed by Dragon. The beginning of the pathworking is a paraphrase of an exercise from one of Phil Hine's booklets and can be found on his website (along with a lot of other
material that readers may benefit from - See LINKS).

The reflection of stars in each other, ad infinitum is inspired by a Hindu meditation called 'Indra's beads' which is similar to something which had come up during the mystical discussion part of the evening.

Visualisation of white light stimulates the limbic system, which is associated with sacred visions; my personal experiments in visualising intense white light for extended periods have proved very interesting.

Whirling is an old method for getting into altered states, and it is associated with bringing the divine into oneself, and for magic and mysticism, it has the advantage of being easy to do whilst in an unfocused state (such as a fever).

Now it's not as if we had never had an original idea before, far from it. We had a lot of good ideas afterwards, most of which we even agreed were good ideas, and some of which were put into practice. These however shall not be mentioned without the permission of participants for the sake of privacy, however.

The following is a project of sigil casting which works in the popular seven chacra model from the Nath Tantric tradition. It works to improve ability in magic, and to strengthen the practitioner and to increase motivation without producing an unreasonable desire for martyrdom.

It can be adapted to gain or improve abilities. It should not be attempted by people with weak hearts. You must be familiar with the 7 chacra model for the project to work.

A sigil is made for each chacra stating an intent such as:
I will find and practice ________ chackra unblocking and balancing ways of improving my defence/healing of myself my mana and the planet earth.

It's probably best not to do the chacras in turn, because doing the lower chacras first can induce violence or other kinds of vengeful, jealous or anti-social behaviour, and doing the upper chacras can make people air headed.

A good order to cast the sigils in is to start with the heart, then do the solar plexus, then the throat, then the navel, then the third eye, then the base chacra then the crown chacra.

Whilst working on the heart chacra alone can be detrimental (it can induce a condition known as 'Tiphareth madness' which Jesus was believed to have suffered from), it is a balanced place to start in this particular system, and since it is involved with both healing and telekinesis, it can assist in opening the subsequent chacras safely.

The sigils should be cast during pleasant forms of gnosis such as orgasm. The inclusion of mana is important for eco magic because it involves both
honour and harmony with the land, and it also protects against behavioural disorders and emotional instability which working with chacras can cause.

Including the Dragon rune in sigils will also work to safeguard the operator. Success with the work will probably happen differently for everyone, and for some people it may work through ways which they can later teach or pass on to others.


Mana is a tribal magic concept, which includes honour, charisma, magical power, harmony with the environment and the ancestors, and the way that one treats their loved ones and are in turn treated by them.

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