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Letter Writing Ritual

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This ritual started life on the Dragon Eco-magic e-mail list and was created by those on the Eco-Magic course in July 2003. The principle is to empower campaign letters with magic. We oringinally planned to have a group letter writing session in Circle with magical energy spun into every letter. In practice, it's difficult to get a grasp of a campaingn issue, create a spell working, and compose a decent letter in one session. Instead, we simply charged the writing paper, envelopes and stamps in the ritual. Each person then took away charged letter writing material to use in their own time.

We created a bind rune to carry our intent using:

Thurisaz, Gifu, , Kaunaz, Othela, Elhaz, and Isa .

It looks like this:

torgefwisz bind rune

We used a rune chant to charge our letter writing material:

I can't quite work out which sound maps to which rune, now but it was very effective!

The Ritual

We began with the usual circle casting and invitations (see Basic Ritual). The envelopes, paper and stamps were in the center with a drawing of the bind rune.

Then we all chanted to raise power and visualized the bind rune over the writing materials.

Any comments or suggestions? E-mail me!

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