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Protecting the Nine Ladies

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Sheffield Dragon created this public ritual, which was first held on the Waxing Moon of Sunday 14th May 2000. The background to the campaign is available.

Start with a simple breathing meditation. Sit or stand comfortably and breath deeply for count of whatever works for you. Focus on the counting and cut out everything else.

Explain background of Nine Ladies site. See Campaigns.

Cast the Circle:
Choose an object with some magical, emotional or psychological charge that is suitable to be passed round the circle. Pass the object sunwise (clockwise) round to circle from one person to the next. As the object comes to you visualize a cord of light passing with it round the circle. Some people may want to hold the object for a little while: Be patient, as this is a good indication that the circle will be strong and focused. Once the object has completed the circuit of the group, the circle is cast.

Invite the element of Air (East) by whistling. There are old stories of witches whistling up the wind, and sailors never whistle on board for fear of calling a storm. Invite the element of Fire (South) by clapping sharply and out of rhythm, like the cracking of a wood fire. Dance about and whoop loudly if you feel like it. Fire is pure energy and like attracts like. Invite the element of Water (West) by making the sound of waves or of dripping water. If you sway slowly as if you were at sea it helps too. Invite the element of Earth (North) by drumming on the ground with your hands or stamping with your feet. Getting down on your knees & slapping the earth with your hands is great to connect with the element. Invite the Spirits of the Place and the Fair Folk. Now the circle is cast and the energies invited, the space and the group are ready for the working.
As they feel appropriate, participants say a manifestation of the element, and the rest of the group imagine and meditate on the element in it's
various forms. Participants say things as they feel appropriate, and everyone should say at least one thing (lest they feel alienated).
The group meditation on each element sounds a little bit like a very slow paced game of 'word association.' An example with the element fire might
sound a bit like;

. . . lightening . . . the Sun . . . warmth . . . flames . . . etc.

Because the method sets up a group mind, people know when to turn and begin the next element. When the last element is done to satisfaction, the centering is complete.

Focusing Meditation:
People to face outwards.
Poem read; Stanton, My Derbyshire

Gold is your dawning
Dark is your night
Your beauty unending
In Moon and Sunlight
Your hills they are soft
Like a dragonflies wing
A paradise perfect
Where all birds do sing

Your peaks hold a passion so wild and so free
and I dream as I stand they are there just for me
My very soul is in your earth
Your outcropped rocks so wild
and as I look I think of birth
and know I am your child

Your dark granite hights
Fill my longest dark nights
When no light is there
I see the moor sprites
They always will guide me
And so keep me free
From all chains that hold me
In a life not to be

I have walked your bleak moorland
Your dales soft and green
Drank your sweet water non clearer I've seen
I've picked your bright flowers, lain in your sweet heather
You showed me a magic nothing can sever
Up through the bright trees where the Nine Ladies stand
Thank the old ones
I am blessed by a magical hand

Dian Case

The Rape of Derbyshire
Come go with me this night so dark
Away among the stars we'll walk
I'll show you things while others sleep
Come go with me let's take a peek
Push back the foulest Man made air
The hurt, the sorrow ,the deep despair
Look back in anger at seeds we have sown
See the harvest of hate that now has grown
From Mans darkest greed, in a land that's on loan

So clear can you hear the cry's of despair
Of cold hungry children, of souls laid bare
Look down in shame for the night shows all pain
Touch this great sadness, for our Moon's on the wain
There is no turning back from this Hell of our making
Mother Earth she gave all, and no one stopped taking
We poison and drain her then tear out her heart
Raped and despised her, and that s just the start

As we walk throu the tears of so many hearts
We see in the dawning the rise of the lark
We hear on the wind her magical song
And think that the dark will be gone before long
So as another day breaks think what it takes
Try to sow seeds of joy, for all of our sakes.

Dian Case

People to focus on words (people who have been out to Nine Ladies may want to focus particularly on that site..) images and feelings.

When people ready, make the place visible by projecting lots of light at the site, making all the dangers/problems/lies about the place really visible.

Raising Power:
People to turn inwards. You could use the Dragon Rune as a tool to raise energy for your working. Draw the rune on the ground and circle round it with a simple chant. Also use movement, sound and symbol to weave your magic. Follow your intuition, and trust yourself. Include use of drums, movement and chanting, moving round sun wise to raise power and direct it. Pass the object around the circle and empower it with the raised energy of the group whilst still chanting.


Circle nine, three by three
Defend Her lands
So mote it be


Ground the energy in the beautiful fertile soil of our Mother and there you go!

Closing the Circle:
This is just the reverse of the process of casting the circle. Turn to each element in turn, and bid them Thanks and Farewell just as you welcomed them into the circle. Your intent will be different, and you will find the sounds will tail off as you finish each quarter. Unwind the circle in the opposite direction that you cast it, passing the object anti-clockwise.

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