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Stones in the pond meditation

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The purpose is to open your sensory awareness to your immediate
environment, so helping you to reconnect with it. Ideally do this
meditation in the countryside, a park or garden.

Stand somewhere you won't be disturbed. Settle your body: Flex your knees, feel the weight of your feet on the ground, wiggle your bum, shake your shoulders. Take a few deep breaths into your lungs and belly.

Keeping your eyes open, visualize a very still pond all around you. Let the
focus of your awareness sit on the smooth surface of the middle of the
pond. Take a deep breath in, and as you breath out visualize a small stone dropping into the water, right where your awareness is. Plop! As the ripples run out from the centre, let your sense of hearing follow them. Open your ears wide, reach out with your hearing, following the ripples out into the world. Reach out your hearing as far as you can.

In your own time, take another deep breath in and as before breath out
visualizing another stone dropping into the water. Plop! This time as the
ripples run out from the centre, let your sense of sight follow them. Open your eyes wide, reach out with your vision, expanding your peripheral vision on each side of your head and out in front as far as you can.

Then once more, take a deep breath in, and see the stone fall. Plop! As the ripples flow out, let your sense of smell follow them. Open your nostrils wide, reach out for the most subtle scents.

When your ready, visualize the pond slowly becoming calm again. Sense your feet on the ground. Take a breath and come back to yourself.

Adrian Harris. December 2004

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