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The Trident Working

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This ritual was originally developed to help with the Lyminge Forest campaign. It was created by a group of London Dragons over several meetings in 1999.

The adaptability of the Dragon Rune is one of it's strengths, but we wanted a tool that was more focused on protecting a specific site like Lyminge Forest.

The Trident combines three energies, focusing them on the place we are working to protect: Creative energy to inspire the campaigners, empowerment for those who work to preserve the site, and destructive energy focused on that which would destroy it.

We have spent many hours discussing the destructive aspect of this working, and believe that it is a positive energy within the context of this ritual. We would be very interested to hear your ideas. Why not post a message in the E-Group or e-mail us?


You will need a minimum of three people for this ritual.

The working uses the symbolism of the Trident of Shiva and elements of Hindu theology, but you do not need to have knowledge of Hinduism to use it.

Form into three groups. Each group will focus a particular energy: Creation, Preservation, or Destruction. Discuss and/or meditate on the energy you will work with; what does it mean to you? Share your feelings and thoughts. When you are all ready, prepare the circle.

Ground and Open the Circle using the basic Dragon Ritual or however you normally do.

Raising Power:

Sit at the points of an imaginary triangle facing the center. Each group has a seed chant:

Creation: "Inspire the creators"

Preservation: "Empower the preservers"

Destruction: "Destroy the destroyers"

You don't need to use these chants, but they may help you focus, and they are the essence of the intent of each group. Chant or dance to raise the energy of the power you are working with. Keep focused on that specific energy, and try not to be distracted by (or distract!) the other groups.

You may have a focal person in the center to conduct the ritual. They need to be sensitive to the energy build-up, and bring each group to a peak at the same moment. If you do not have a focal person, be aware of how the energy is building within and between each group.

As the energy reaches a peak, visualize a trident in the center, with the shaft reaching down into the earth. Each tine of the trident carries one of the three energies, and they combine as the flow down the shaft. Channel the energy of your group into the trident, and visualize it passing down the shaft into the ground.

Close the Circle, and take time to properly ground yourselves. Food is always a good idea after a ritual, especially one where you are dealing with a very specific energy, as in this example.

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