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Ecomagic is an evolving practice: Please send us your thoughts.


Non-violence lies at the heart of ecomagic. It's practice is limited only by your imagination. It is likely that forms of magic that are based in heirarchy and work by controling spirits are not suitable for ecomagic. This is a topic for discussion: Tell us your views.


The ecology of the physical & spiritual Universe is beyond us, so before you do anything, it is probably a good idea to do divination. How far you go with this principle is up to you, but bear in mind that Gaia will have a broader view of things than you have, & any action on our part must work with that in mind. Cast the Runes/Tarot, scry, meditate or whatever, but do try to ensure that your actions are in accordance with the Big Picture.

The Spirit of the Place

Some of the most effective ecomagic involves working with the Genius Loci of the place, the Devas or Faery Folk. Let them know all that you do about the campaign & offer your help. They can often use the energy you raise far more better that you can. This is a large and important discussion, so this section will be expanded. You might like to try the Stones in the pond meditation.


To protect Oxleas, London Dragon buried talismans in the wood. We each spent a lunar month preparing our talisman in our own way. They were then buried together during a ritual.

Talismans can be useful for Court judgements. Give charged talismans to people who are due to appear in court for environmental action. Make Dragon Rune talismans for campaigners to wear or carry.

God & Goddess forms

Mercury is brilliant for anything involving communication. Work with Him before speaking to the media or anyone powerful. If you are involved with a legal case, you might work with Athena, or similar.


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