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The Dragon Rune is multi-functional - a kind of magickal Swiss Army knife. You might use it as a talisman, chant it, visualise it, meditate on it, scrawl it on walls/bulldozers, face paint it, or draw it on letters/leaflets/envelopes.

The symbol is highly adaptable:

  • Simon, of London Dragon has developed a series of meditational movements based on the Dragon Rune.
  • Cornwall Dragons danced the shape of the Rune to raise energy.
  • Chalk stones marked & charged with the bindrune are buried all over Gt. Britain & Ireland.
  • Shanti941 has mapped the seven Chakras system onto the Dragon Rune.
  • Several eco-magic rituals have been created based on the Rune, including the WTO Cancun Working

Dragon Tree RuneWe adopted the Dragon Tree Rune some time ago as a symbol for the Dragon Environmental Network. It is a very old Norse runic symbol called a runebind, and represents the World Tree, linking the earth with upper and under worlds. The rune has the same meaning in Anglo-Saxon & Norse systems.

It is used to unite the various groups; as well as in our ritual work and campaigning. Very briefly we use it by "powering it up" in our rituals or meditations, and discharge the energy in the campaigning.

The Runes are an ancient magical alphabet originating in northern central Europe about 1000 years BC and were spread across almost the whole of Europe by the Germanic and Vikings tribes. Popular mythology attributes their invention to a shaman called Odhinn (an actual historical character).

Runes are an alphabet for communicating the written word. They also possess a magical energy to linked the concept of the symbol.


A Runebind symbol is an amalgamation of the shape of two or more runes so that their shape is contained within the symbol, and the energies of the runes is combined into a single force.

The Dragon Tree Rune contains 6 runes:-

laguz fehu tiwaz kaunaz Elhwaz lIsa
Laguz, Fehu, Tiwaz, Kaunaz, Algiz and Isa.

Why these Runes?

Each rune has multiple meanings but in the context of eco-magic these are the energies we're drawing on:

Laguz: (Water.) The primal water which is the source of all life. Life energy and organic growth. Vital power. Growth. Development. Flow, the healing power of renewal. Imagination and psychic matters. Success in travel or acquisition.

Fehu (Domestic cattle, wealth.) Movable possessions. Money. Abundance, financial strength. A rune of hope and plenty, success and happiness. Anything you use to make a living, whether tangible or intangible (skills, knowledge) is your Fehu. Our magical knowledge is magickal Fehu.

Tiwaz: (Tyr, the sky god.) Victory and success in any competition or in legal matters. Fairness and justice. The force of law and justice by Orlog. Strong defense. Honor, leadership and authority. A quest or a cause to believe in and defend. A spiritual warrior's Rune of success. Spiritual discipline. Willingness to self-sacrifice. A time of high energy and strong motivation. Analysis, rationality. Knowing where one's true strengths lie.

Kenaz: (Beacon or torch.) New strength, controlled energy, and power. Vision, revelation, intellectual knowledge, creativity, inspiration, technical ability. Good for beginnings or renewals. The vital fire of life, harnessed power, transformation and regeneration. Guidance, learning, skills and talents, education, revelation, books, technology, exploration, and discovery. The receptacle that holds the fire of creation.

Algiz: (Elk, protection.) Protection or defense; a guardian or shield warding off evil. Peace, friendship. Communication between the upper world, Earth, and the lower world. Awakening, guidance, following instincts.

Isa: (Ice.) Isa reinforces runes around it and helps to 'fix' the bindrune energies. Also used to rule the forces of inertia and entropy or to freeze a situation and look inward for solutions. Binding. Restriction. Patience. The concentration of consciousness. Useful in revealing psychological blocks.


The Dragon Tree Rune Chant.

Each of the Runes incorporated within it is associated with a sound. Chanting these tones while visualising the image of the Dragon Rune is especially powerful. The tones of the Rune Chant are; 'LA' (Laguz), 'FEY' (Fehu), 'TAY' (Teiwaz), 'KAY' (Kenaz), 'EE' (Isa), 'ZZZ' (Algiz). So the chant in full is;

'Laa...Fay...Tay... Kay... Eeezzz.'

(The latter 2 runes are combined as they have a similar sound). Repeat as necessary. Use as a round or chant it together as a group.

Why not find out more about the Runes?


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