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This section is a library of eco-magic rituals:

Before you start a ritual:

It is very important to honour the Fair Folk. If you are outside ask if it is appropriate for you to work in that particular place. The Fair Folk are the Spirits of the Place, of the trees, plants and streams. Working without honouring them is not ecomagic. If you are working in doors, I would recommend that you at least invite the Folk to join you. How do you ask? And more important, how do you listen for a answer? Sit quietly and relax. Open yourself to the place & ask out loud or to yourself. Listen. Feel. You will know. If you feel that the site is not right for you, move on to another place nearby. On most occasions, the Folk are very happy to welcome you, and by asking you will do much to heal the rift between our worlds.

This is a large and complex subject, and I have glossed over details for the sake of brevity. See Techniques for a deeper discussion.

General Principles

Adapt seasonal rituals. Use the new energy of Spring Equinox to revitalise a flagging campaign, or launch a new phase. Link a Beltane ritual with a desertification campaign, 'healing' the 'infertility' of the desert. As with any working, be clear about your intent. Spend some time on Purification & Grounding before you start.

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